ChatGPT as a sidebar for your Chrome & Arc Browser.

SideBrain is a chrome extension that sits on the side. It's a very convenient way to access ChatGPT.

You don't have to navigate away from your current page to interact with ChatGPT. With SideBrain you can do it right where you are. Pull up the sidebar & ask away.

Private by default. All your data is private. The calls are made directly to OpenAI API from your browser. OpenAPI Key, SideBrain license & ChatHistory are stored in your browsers storage which is never sent to us.

SideBrain license is sent to us for verification, when you add it to the extension during the setup and when you update it from settings.

ONE TIME PURCHASE and use it for lifetime. All updates & bug fixes are covered. You don't have to pay anything extra after the initial purchase.

This is applicable for only 1 device. If you want to use in multiple devices, you have to purchase separate license for each one of them.

Get it now, before the price increases.

Get the extension here.

Refund policy

If you are not satisfied with the app, request for refund within 30 days of purchase and we will refund 100%, no questions asked.

Send an email to [email protected] for the refund.

Payments are secure and encrypted