ChromeKit - Chrome Extension Boilerplate (Organization Plan)


Don't spend a ton of time building a chrome extension. Use this boilerplate code to kickstart your extension development.

What you will get:

  • Extension boilerplate code. (Code in React.js and TailwindCSS.)

  • Boilerplate code for

    • Content script sidebar

    • Native sidepanel

    • Content script injection

    • Popup

    • Content script sidebar in an iFrame

    • Twitter template (To help you build extensions on Twitter's tweets)

  • Authentication in extension.

    • Supabase integration

    • Session based

    • Support for Lemon squeezy/Gumroad license

  • Example of message passing (One time and long lived connections).

  • Re-inject content scripts on extension update.

  • Help with creating your product in chrome web store. (Figma/Canva template for your extension icon & screenshots.)

  • Access to Discord community to help you build your chrome extension.

  • Lifetime updates.

  • Get a refund within 7 days of your purchase (Drop a email to [email protected]).

Use your GitHub email to subscribe. It will be easy for me to provide you access to the code.

Purchase the boilerplate only if

  • You know how to write code using ReactJS and TailwindCSS.

  • You don't know ReactJS/TailwindCSS but are fine using it for building your chrome extension.

Payments are secure and encrypted